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Global Solution Provider in Preclinical, Clinical Studies, Pharmaceutical Development, Clinical Supplies, Biosafety, Biocidal & Biodecontamination, Bertin Pharma is a leading company on the Pharmaceutical Market for more than 20 years which meets any kind of Pharmaceutical Drug Development Challenges.

Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Development Bertin Pharma

From Generics to OTC & Ethical Products

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Drug analysis & Bioanalysis

drug analysis nce bertin pharma

The Combination to Assess your Drug Candidate Efficacy

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Drug Discovery & Translational Research

Drug Discovery & Translational Research Bertin Pharma

Highlight the Efficacy. Determine the Cytotoxicity

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Non Clinical Studies

Non Clinical Studies Bertin Pharma

A crucial step in terms of Risk Assessment

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies Bertin Pharma

Clinical Supplier & Central Lab Services

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Biosafety Bertin Pharma

Products Safety : A Fundamental Issue

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Biocidal Activity & Biodecontamination

Biocidal Activity & Biodecontamination Bertin Bharma

Evaluate Efficacy against virus, prions & other pathogen agents

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