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Bertin Pharma, a leading company on the Pharmaceutical Market for more than 25 years is a Global solution provider in Drugs & Biotechs Discovery & Translational Research, Preclinical Studies, Pharmaceutical Development, and Clinical supplies & trials which meets any kind of challenges.

Your partner along the drug discovery process…

Drug discovery/Translational Research is the first step to expedite the development from research into new therapeutical solutions, efficient and safe.

Bertin Pharma have several cell & animal models for demonstration of the efficacy of your NCE or your Biologics (adjuvant/vaccine, blood derivative, peptide/protein, gene or cell therapy…), for Drug Product Characterization and Target Validation before initiating regulatory Non Clinical ADMET Studies and then Clinical Studies.

For the latter, Bertin Pharma can act for Clinical Supply & as Central Lab (Tissue banking, microbiology monitoring, immunomonitoring, drug analysis, …).

For these different steps, Bertin Pharma has unique platforms:

  • in Microbiology, named “IDMIT”, for the assessment of new pharmacological or vaccinal solutions against several pathogen agents, and;
  • in Immunology, named “PharmImmune”, for the assessment of immune pharmacology/vaccinology, immune safety & toxicology and immunogenicity questions.

…to the pharmaceutical development & clinical supplies

In parallel, Bertin Pharma is able to perform your Pharmaceutical Development & Clinical Supplies to transform your promising candidate after R&D lab steps into medicines that can be mass produced for regulatory nonclinical studies and clinical studies.

In this segment, for biologics, Bertin Pharma is able to assess Biochemical Characterization (primary/secondary/tertiary structures, aggregates, glycosylation, etc.), Potency (using cell-based assay if necessary), the presence of impurities such as HCP and the Viral/Prion Risk.


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