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Partner Of Choice For The Development Of Innovative Cosmetics

Cosmetics Bertin Pharma

From lab scale to pilot batches and scale up to stability, our experts offer numerous solutions for a demonstration of the efficacy & safety of your cosmetics and for formulations that are adapted to your requirements and marketing briefs.

Indeed, for the last 20 years Bertin Pharma has been developing new biological tools (cell models & PCR) and Innovative Formulations with a wide range of textures and sensorial attributes.

Specific knowledge in Assessment, Identification & Management of your Cosmetics

Our highly qualified laboratory staff is able to understand the following issues:

  • deleterious inflammatory response
  • deleterious allergenic response
  • transcutaneous passage and their possible effects on the immune system
  • beneficial effects on cutaneous commensal flora

Cosmetic Formulation expertise with innovative sensorial attributes

Our cosmetic product development activity includes the ability to create a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products to suit your innovation.

Whether your project involves a Cream, Gel, Aerosol, Solid, or Powder, we will work to select innovative ingredients, and ensure that your compounds meet Market Regulations.

Bertin Pharma has an outstanding know how on formulations with improved skin absorption.
Our formulation experts can elaborate various types of topical formulations such as emulsions, micro emulsions and gels.
As an example Bertin Pharma has patented a technological platform “MucogelTM” which consists in thermosensitive gels and emulsions.
Those original formulations are liquid at room temperature and they gel at the body temperature allowing a longer duration of action.

We offer large storage capacities for Stability Studies meeting the international required guidelines.


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