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In vitro & Ex vivo models to test safety and efficacy

In vitro & Ex vivo models to test safety and efficacy

In vitro & Ex vivo models to test safety and efficacy
Date : Since May 02, 2017
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A selection of 3 unique & innovative efficacy & safety tests for you

During your early assessment and development steps, you can evaluate the efficacy and safety of your cosmetic products with our innovative and in-house developed tools: our in vitro and ex vivo models and our cell based assays...

  • Microbiota & skin interactions Claims

In vitro effects in vials & models mimicking skin as well as ex vivo exploration obtained from treated volunteers. Besides direct effects on microbiota, additional cutaneous effects based on skin permeation profile are also investigated.

  • Anti-pollution Claims

Assessment of anti-pollution effects using keratinocyte-based assays as well as in both epidermis & dermis tissues of ex vivo human skin disk.

  • Skin whitening Claims

If you have missed our Technical Seminar ""Our in vitro or ex vivo assays: the key tools to substantiate your claims" at In-Cosmetics Global 2017, no worries read it online now:

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