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Pharmaceutical Development: from Ethical to Generic & OTC products

Pharmaceutical Development Bertin Pharma

Bertin Pharma offers optimum development solutions with the widest range of technologies under Quality By Design and appropriate Quality environment GLP or GMP from NCE to biotech drug candidates.

From Generics to OTC & Ethical products Bertin Pharma is your partner.

Fast Track Development of Generics

Bertin Pharma has a long successful track record in the Development of Generics.

Our Experts have a deep understanding of the intellectual property landscape and can advise on the optimum strategy to be followed with the maximum chance of success.

Possessing strong know how in a wide range of dosage forms (solid dose, injectable, ophthalmic solutions, nasal and optic drops, creams and ointments) Bertin Pharma can help you to choice the most appropriate formulations in term of cost and time to market for various therapeutic areas.

Bertin Pharma can develop specialized product families, such as hormones, narcotics, high-potency drugs & cytotoxic substances.
Our fresh thinking and best practice allows us to deliver a proactive and flexible service with superior quality for niche pharmaceutical products.

Bertin Pharma a source of talents for OTC development

Bertin Pharma recently integrates of the most outstanding GMP facilities in Europe specifically dedicated to the Pharmaceutical development of OTC in the Bordeaux’ area.

  • a highly qualified team can manage your project from Preformulation to Scale up & Registration with an OTC mind oriented strategy

  • our marketing oriented experts can bring added values in Life Cycle Management strategies

  • a large panel of original Drug Delivery Systems particularly suitable to fit the OTC needs with optimized sensorial attributes are available

  • highly experimented teams able to manage site transfers worldwide.

  • our modern platforms are fully equipped for oral & topical dosage forms

  • several taste masking technologies to meet OTC’s market are available

  • modified release tablets, Sustained Delayed ODS multiple layers…

NCE Biotech & Highly Potent Drugs in the scope of Bertin Pharma

A versatile platform which can manage your pharmaceutical development under GLP or GMP guidelines is specifically dedicated
to NCE, Biotech and Highly potent Drugs.

Our Preformulation and Formulation Development groups offer extensive expertise within the pharmaceutical development arena.

Our Pharmaceutics Department can deliver pharmaceutical development services to enable you to develop your drug substance into a drug product suitable for global markets, seamlessly and efficiently.

Bertin Pharma has manufacturing capacities from small to medium size batches for oral topical and liquid form.

Our Preformulation and Formulation Development groups offer an unparalleled level of expertise in pharmaceutical development. We can develop a wide range of dosage forms including many new and novel technological solutions, for tablet, capsule, sachet, granule, liquid, topical, parenteral….


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