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Nucleic Acids: qPCR & qRT-PCR, Enzyme Hybridization

Nucleic Acids Bertin Pharma

Bertin Pharma proposes several services in Molecular Biology for the quantification of Nucleic Acids (NA).

Different types of NA targets are quantified and for different applications:

  • quantification of pathogen and non-pathogen (microbiota) agents in various tissues (blood, plasma, smear, feces, intestine, etc.)
  • quantification of pathogen agents for assessment of biocidal activities, biodecontamination of new solution in this topic
  • gene therapy e.g. oligonucleiotides, plasmids either for their stability, and biodistribution in biofluids & tissues (integration particularly as recommended by guidelines)* or their release under GMP conditions.**
  • mRNA of various biomarkers (Cytokines, transporters, enzymes, etc.) for their level of expression in cells & tissues.***

If necessary, we can precisely define sampling & preservation conditions and provide ad hoc sampling tubes.

Contact us about your needs in qPCR!

* Bertin Pharma has an expertise in qPCR and RT-qPCR. Nevertheless, inspired by our extensive experience in enzyme immunoassays, we applied these methods to the development and validation of a simple and sensitive enzyme hybridization assays for NA in biological fluids . Competitive enzyme hybridization assays and hybridometric assays have been developed for oligonucleotides and plasmids, respectively .

** Our expertise in pharmaceutical development and clinical supplies doubled with those in qPCR allow us to release under GMP batches of new gene therapy products for clinical studies. These competences are often associated with those in Viral/Prions Safety.

*** Some of our scientists have over 20 years experience in the quantification of mRNA expression levels and the preparation of corresponding samples (Collection, sampling and preservation of samples). These services are within our Central Lab and Immunomonitoring activities.


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