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Industrial Transfer: From Development to Manufacturing

Industrial Transfer Bertin Pharma

Searching Partner for NPI or switching manufacturing premises?
Industrial transfer covers two facets: introduction of a new product on the market & manufacturing site transfer.
Bertin Pharma: the exciting  partner to assist you whatever your request.

Integrated Offer from Development to New Product Introduction (NPI)

  • Experts in pharmaceutical development
  • risk analysis
  • quality by design
  • cost of goods
  • design of the best conditions for development
  • Equipment similar to the industrial ones for a smooth transfer

our experts & our similar–to-industrial equipment

Manufacturing Site Transfer

  • Gap analysis between 2 sites for:
    • production
    • control
    • regulatory affairs
  • Pharmaceutical development

    • assessment of raw material provider
    • update of formulation
    • upgrade of formulation according Guidelines and Regulatory Affairs
    • update of manufacturing process to reach economy of scale

Trouble Shooting & Product Maintenance

mastering industrial transfer timeline
network of more than 70 CMO’s
100 products transferred over last 5 years

Free your mind: we care . innovate. deliver.

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