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Taste Masking : Technical Challenges for Patient-Friendly Products

Taste Masking

Taste is one of the most important parameters governing patient compliance especially for pediatric patients and Oral Dispersible Technology (ODT).


  • Concept

An unique chewable tablet with excellent sensorial attributes and taste masking performances allowing highly dosed APIs.

  • Benefits

    • patent free know how for an easy access to the technology
    • easy to take without water
    • fast disintegrating tablets
    • sugar free

  • Indications

Cold & cough, pain relief, respiratory, GI tract…

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At Bertin Pharma our teams of scientists understand the complex relationship between the taste of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and its physiochemical properties.

Our formulation experts balance these factors against the product’s desired organoleptic properties such as taste, mouth-feel, size, in order to create a ‘patient-friendly’ product for our partners to bring to market.

Our portfolio of taste-masking technologies has been validated by several international players of the Over The Counter market (OTC) around the world.

These technologies can also be used in combination with our original Drug Delivery Systems such as multilayer tablets technologies to develop unique product formulations.


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