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Questioning about how to improve bioavailability?

Overcoming challenges of insoluble APIs in solid oral dosage forms with Co-micronization, our innovative technology to improve the oral bioavailability of poorly soluble active substances.

High performance pre-formulation platform

Bertin Pharma has a high performance pre-formulation platform which rapidly screens many co-micronization prototypes. This platform is articulated around a workstation bead miller called Precellys® which uses an innovative precession milling technology.

Amongst the approaches commonly used for oral bioavailability enhancement, co-micronization of an active substance with specifically selected excipients is an effective strategy which can easily be scaled up to industrial level. This formulation’s technique is accessible to most active substances with no particular restriction and can work with beneficial active ingredient/excipient ratio for highly dosed of APIs.

Expert's Insight: read presentation

Our expert, Jerôme Hecq unveil you all the benefits of our SolubEaseTM platform in the presentation "Co-micronization: innovative technology to enhance oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble APIs".

Read it now

Specific approaches

Bertin Pharma guides you throughout this specific formulation approach. Besides, we can propose alternative dissolution solutions such as:

  • Lipidic formulations
  • Solid dispersions
  • Cyclodextrins
  • Ion exchange resins

Need a first advice to better select the best formulation strategy?


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